Distinct Details Tailored to You

Every home should be the unique expression of its owner, down to the smallest details.
Custom Couture for the Home takes care of those details.

Why settle for the limited styles and fabrics you can find in a catalog or at a store? Make your space exactly what you want it to be with custom fabric treatments from Custom Couture for the Home.

When you buy custom-made treatments, the details make all the difference. Curtains are lined with the fabrics you want, pleating is meticulously done by hand, and pillows can be trimmed according to your exact specifications. With a complete package of fabric, trim, hardware, and coordinated accessories tailored to your unique vision, you can fully transform your space rather than simply updating a room.

I can help you complete your design by providing any of the following:

If you’re ready to create a space as distinct as you, then contact me today for a consultation.